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Ways a Negligent Landlord Can Cause You to Become Injured or Ill

Couple Receiving House Key From Landlord
You would like to think you are always safe when you are in your own home. However, some landlords can be neglectful with caring for their rental property.
When they have not taken care of certain issues around the home you rent, this can increase your chances of injuring yourself while you are at home. Here are some examples of ways a negligent landlord's lack of care can lead to you being injured or ill.
Rotted Flooring
Unrepaired rotted wooden flooring runs the risk of someone in your household falling through the flooring. This can happen when you walk across the rotted flooring and the weight of your body causes the flooring to give way, causing you to fall through the flooring and injuring yourself.
Damaged Cement
Chipped, cracked, or broken pieces of cement in the walkways or driveway of your rental home can cause your foot to catch on the cement, causing you to fall and injure yourself.
Looking where you step is not always possible, especially when you carry something or when you have little to no light to see by.
Lifted Flooring
Unstable carpet or linoleum creates a tripping hazard you can get hurt on. Separations, rips, or ripples in the carpet can also cause this same risk of injury.
Broken Stairs
When you go up or down stairs, becoming injured is easy if those stairs are not in good shape. Even tripping while going up stairs can cause injuries. However, falling down stairs is very dangerous and can cause life-threatening injuries.
Leaking Roof
Rainwater coming through a leaking roof can cause electrical problems if the water gets into the electrical outlets or other electrical components.
Presence of Mold
A leaking roof or plumbing pipe can leave behind water damage left behind and can cause mold that can lead to illnesses. Someone with asthma can suffer more asthma attacks.
A previously healthy person can develop the onset of health issues including allergies, infections, and toxic mold disease.
Electrical Problems
Neglecting known wiring issues inside a home can cause fires or lead to someone getting shocked. Always report suspected electrical issues right away.
Rodent Infestation
Once rodents have inhabited the home, the landlord needs to call out a pest control company to correct the issue. Rodents can bring diseases into the home, and even rodent excrement can cause an illness called Hantavirus that can lead to serious lung problems.
Bug Infestation
As soon as you let the landlord know that your rental has a bug infestation, the landlord should address the situation with a call out to a pest control company.
Certain bugs, such as cockroaches, are very unhealthy to live with. Cockroaches can contaminate food with a bacterium known to cause food poisoning and other health concerns.
Heating and Cooling Issues
When the outside weather is at an unhealthy temperature, then you should have a professional repair your heating and cooling system if the system has issues. Living in a house that is too hot can cause heat exhaustion or even heat stroke. Living in a house with freezing temperatures can lead to problems such as frostbite and even death.
If you have injured yourself or become ill due to your landlord ignoring your requests to repair something in your rental, then you may have a case. Contact Wegner & Associates so we can discuss your situation with you. Your consultation is free, so we will let you know whether we feel you have a case and if we can help you with your legal needs. We want to be able to help you as much as possible.